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We provide all services related to registration, marketing & promotion, distribution and licensing of pharmaceutical products.

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Distribution & Logistics

Our commercial sales department and distribution & logistics facilities are based at headquarters in Allschwil/Basel, Switzerland and as such are regularly inspected by the official authorities. Our clients are thus ensured of strict compliance with legal standards. We are authorized to operate a bonded warehouse, enabling us to receive, commission and distribute products without being hindered by import barriers.

Our supply and warehouse management system enables us to control every step in the supply and distribution chain and providing accurate rolling forecasts for our clients. Specific care is taken in sensitive areas such as traceability of each batch of medicaments. Our sales team is in constant contact with clients in the various markets to avoid stock out situations and ensure the transfer of necessary information. This is especially important in some of our markets where sales development can be erratic due to political and economic instability.

Our infrastructure includes a central warehouse, cold storage facilities and facilities to store psychotropic products. Main activities are wholesale distribution, pre-wholesale but also pharmacy delivery. We offer our clients custom-made warehousing and distribution solutions, including distribution on a consignment basis. We offer additional services such as repackaging etc. to answer specific local market needs. Our transportation department organizes the dispatching of products by road, air or sea.

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