Our Services

We provide all services related to registration, marketing & promotion, distribution and licensing of pharmaceutical products.

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The pharmaceutical industry is highly regulated. Mastering and controlling all steps in pharma regulatory and registration procedures are pivotal to successful market entry. Read more 


Marketing & Promotion

Marketing campaigns are designed and managed in close collaboration with our clients. They are based on the specific requirements of the product portfolio and the different markets. Read more


Distribution & Logistics

Our distribution & logistics facilities are based at headquarters in Allschwil/Basel, Switzerland and as such are regularly inspected by the official authorities. Our clients are thus ensured of strict compliance with legal standards. Read more


Licensing & Development

Licensing and technology transfer are increasingly important within the pharmaceutical industry as companies share each other’s expertise for the mutual benefit of both partners. Read more



As specialist in healthcare logistics, Medial offers a wide range of logistic services to meet our customer‘s needs in pre-wholesale and wholsale activities in the Swiss and European markets. Read more

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